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All our products a ready to eat straight from the packet, as part of a meal or on a grazing platter for that special occasion. For some more inspiration see our favorite serving suggestions below.


The traditional manner of our curing and smoking process ensures that the utmost care and attention goes into the preparation, curing and smoking of our product ~ slow, patient, cool curing and smoking followed by careful pin boning and hand slicing and packaging, means you can be assured of the best possible delicious salmon for your plates.


At Kingfisher Smoke House, we let little go to waste. The end pieces and pieces on the skin, of the cold smoked salmon, which are not good enough for our premium packs are gathered together at slicing and blended with one or two choice ingredients to make our delicious Pate.


Our Hot Smoked Salmon goes through our cold smoking process first, to impart the distinctive Oak wood smoke flavour throughout the fillets. Once the cold smoking is complete the fillets then go through a hot smoke to "cook" and finish the salmon. Hot smoked salmon is delicious hot or cold for a snack or a whole meal.


Cold Smoked Salmon - Ready to eat. Serve on wholemeal bread and butter, with freshly ground black pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.


Hot Smoked Salmon - Ready to eat hot or cold. Warming of the fillets will bring out the natural oils and enhance the beautiful flavours. Warm fillets in an oven at 180C for 10 minutes or in a pan, skin down, for a few minutes.


Delicious as a meal with salad or can be tossed with a pasta dish of your choice.



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